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 Bagi Yang ingin mendaftar bikin families baca dulu ini , Families Rules

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PostSubject: Bagi Yang ingin mendaftar bikin families baca dulu ini , Families Rules   Sat Dec 05, 2015 8:40 pm

Leader Rules:

- Leaders are required too set good examples for the members of the Gang/Family so that they are bettering there Gang/Family with there roleplay, there experince, and too become active, model members of this server. Leaders must remember not too mass recruit and never too switch themes, names, And HQ'S without giving a gang mod notice. If the slot owner is banned, the Gang/Family will be warned and the co-leader will take leadership.


- Gang/Familys get warnings when a rank 4 or higher is caught breaking rules in everyday roleplay. Gang/Families may also receive a warning for lower ranking member geting in mass amounts of trouble or geting caught breaking rules with a high ranking member near by. Another way is by a in-active Gang/Families, If DOGA and Gang Mods have noticed your Gang/Family has been in-active they will choose weather or not the Gang/Family is warned.

Drive by Rules:

As a Gang/Family you may be active in a Drive By on another Gang/Family. But the rules are simple, You must roleplay when about too fire at the person(s) and you must know the target(s) IC'ly.

Point Rules:

-Must remain in the point untill captured
-Must be in a Gang/Family too help in a point
-Must use a Gang/Family skin
-No CrackShooting or QuickSwapping
-No Hacking
-No Shooting out of point ((From out side or inside))
-No Killing out side point ((You may chance and kill someone))
-No Double Capping ((Only capture one point at a time per slot))
-No Faction can be in an active point capping
- Points are always Out Of Character
-May only have 3 points capped at once

Read more: http://hotstreets-rply.boards.net/thread/27#ixzz3tTdrGz2a
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Bagi Yang ingin mendaftar bikin families baca dulu ini , Families Rules
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